Are we responsible for domestic animals losing their natural instincts?


27 April 2020

Did you know your pets have potential way beyond your expectations? However, we are all guilty of spoiling them silly and reducing them to hug toys and arm candies. So what can your pet really do?

Believe it or not, animals have sensory gifts that are beyond our comprehension. They have in built instincts that allow them to survive on their own.

Let’s just stick to common pets like cats and dogs. Dogs eat grass to improve digestion, treat intestinal worms, or fulfill some unmet nutritional need, including the need for fibre. Cats love catnip because of a chemical stimulant in the plant.

We hear amazing stories about how cats can foretell imminent death due to their acute sense of smell. Dogs are able to detect illnesses in humans such as bladder, lung, breast and skin cancers also due to the same sensory abilities.

So what are we doing to these amazing animals?

Without realising it, we are sometimes suppressing our pets' potential, making them totally dependent on us. Some of us may not realise the consequences of our actions!

They do not need to wear shoes, be carried around in a bag, or sleep on mattresses wearing pyjamas and blanket. Some cats have their claws cut down so badly they can no longer climb. Instead, let's allow our pets to be themselves. You will surprised by their intelligence!

All they really want, is love and affection which they can sense a mile away!

Created by Cherita Space 

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