How the world will look after the Coronavirus pandemic

Ju Waran

MAR. 23, 2023

The Coronavirus pandemic is causing massive destruction to human lives and bringing many changes to the political and economic environment in many countries. Every country had closed its border to prevent non-citizens from entering, to prevent risk of infection. With the lockdown or restricted movement order in place, many people cannot go to work and this means the economy is affected.

The Coronavirus pandemic is a world-shattering event with consequences more far reaching than we can imagine. Many things as we know it will change, from our daily lives to changes in politics and the economy. Here are 3 changes happening in the world today:
1. A less open and less prosperous world
To contain the spread of the virus, countries started closing their borders. Therefore, there will be a shift from globalisation where countries rely on each other to nationalism, where countries are more focused on their states and their own firms. This will lead to less globalisation, in turn less prosperity, and a less free world.

2. Power shift from West to East
Some countries, like Singapore South Korea and even Malaysia responded quickly to the pandemic, while some countries like America and Europe did not, resulting in many deaths and economic challenges. It is likely that the power will shift from the West to the East.

3. The power of human spirit
The Coronavirus is highly contagious. Therefore, the public health system is in crisis as too many people fall ill at the same time. In every country, however, there are many examples of the power of the human spirit—of doctors, nurses, political leaders, and ordinary citizens who selflessly serve to help those in need, either sick from the virus, or affected by the lockdown imposed by governments to stop the spread of the disease. That provides hope that men and women around the world can prevail in response to this extraordinary challenge.

Source: Harvard Kennedy School, Belfer Center for Science & International Affairs. “How the World Will Look after the Coronavirus Pandemic.”

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