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Lockdown and restricted movements are happening in almost every country. With many restaurants closed, and dining-in a strict no-no, how are you satisfying your cravings? Are you learning how to cook? 

Cherita Space is running a 'Write - A - Recipe Contest, for kids. Share your favourite recipe with us. Winning entries will be compiled into an e-Cook Book. 

Cherita Space's Writing Contest guidelines are as follows: 

1. We want to hear from you, not your mummy. Please ensure you write out your recipes and tell us how you made this dish.

2. Participants must be between the ages of 8 and 15. 

3. International submissions are welcome. 

4. More than one submission is allowed, however, please indicate prior submitted material in your e-mail. 

5. Send in your entries to Title your e-mail "Write - A - Recipe Contest."

6. Send in your entries by 30 June 2020


What we expect:

1. List your ingredients. Ensure the quantity is accurate. 

2. Be sure to add a description of the process. 

3. Include in about 50-80 words, a short story of why you chose this dish. 

4. Name/Title your dish! 

5. Your dish can be a snack, main course, traditional dish, appetizer, dessert, or a drink you created. You can re-enact a popular dish or create your own. It could also be Grandma's secret recipe! 

6. Most importantly, have fun with this contest! 

7. This is really a writing contest, so contestants will be judged based on the story behind their dish, and their creativity in describing the cooking process. 



1. The winning entry will receive RM100 and a special feature in the e-Cook Book. 

2. Two consolation winners will receive RM50 each and a feature in the e-Cook Book.

3. All shortlisted entries will be published in Cherita's e-Cook Book with one free download access.

(Note: All monetary rewards are based on Malaysian Currency equivalents)

Created by Cherita Space 

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