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It's like the four walls are closing in!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Graphic by Johanna Anuar

When the Movement Restriction Order (MCO) was first announced, I bet you rejoiced! Jumped for joy at the extended school holidays. Drooled at the thought of binge watching Netflix while stuffing your face with junk food. Plus, the parents still had to work, albeit from home, so that just means a little less control, a little more freedom!!! Woo hoo!

Then the March 30 MCO deadline turned to April 14 and now rumours are swirling it will be extended further to Aprl 28. No! Nooooo!

The four walls are closing in! You start welcoming online homework from your teacher. Your home seems a lot smaller. You used to wish you had more time at home instead of rushing from school to tuition, to piano class and then to swimming lessons, now you wish you had just one reason to leave the house. To leave this tiny, prison that is engulfing your mind, sucking the life out of your soul and holding your body hostage to a virus that spreads faster than if you dropped a matchstick on dried coconut husk. Coconut! Oh, how you wish could whizz out of your house to the Abang around the corner for tall glass of his coconut shake.

It's just too much? Well, the secret of surviving this 'house arrest' is keeping yourself occupied - mind, body and soul. Try reading, do some burpees and jumping jacks, clean your room, do your own laundrylah, take that chore off your Mom's hands! There's no maid services, maybe lend a helping hand around the house. Cook, it's ok Gordon Ramsey is not gonna judge you! And here's something for your soul - write! Remember, Cheritaspace is here to hear from you. Tell us what it's like for you staying home.

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