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My MCO Diary written by Lavanyaa VGR Chandran

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Dear diary,

It’s been I-don’t-know-how-many-days of quarantine and it’s going well, I guess. I’m sorry it’s been months or maybe even years since I talked to you. I’m using you to fill up my boredom even though I have six assignments to finish. So, I’ll explain what is going on right now.

The whole world is under quarantine because of a teeny tiny microscopic virus that’s killing thousands of people all around the world. Today I’m gonna write a summary of what has happened these few weeks in my life because if I were to write every single detail it would turn into a novel. And I could get some decent money out of it but I’m lazy. LOL!!

Well, let’s start with my Dad. Ahem… ya so I think it was the third day of isolation and Appa actually ran around every corner of the house in the name of exercising. He could’ve just used the yoga mat but he insisted on jogging around the house and disturbing our neighbours downstairs.

Anyway, the next day my Mom started nagging at each of us, including my sister’s stuffed penguin that doesn't even look like a penguin!! I just realised moms love is phenomenal because it's filled with food. Literally! You might be thinking, ‘Hey Lavanyaa! Food is great and mom's cooking is even better right?’. Ummm, yeah! I love my mom’s cooking. It's the best BUT BUT BUUUUTTT, need to emphasize on this...BUTTTTT have you seen the amount of food she puts in my plate? I'M NOT DWAYNE JOHNSON YO!!! It’s pure TORTURE! Every night I go to sleep feeling like a bloated beluga. I KNOW RIGHT, PILE-ON-POUNDS much? [Face-palm moment]

Two days later I lost track of my brother’s whereabouts. Was he sleeping in the balcony or under my bed? I didn’t know and I’ll never know. I only see him when the food is on the dining table for like 5 seconds. And then there’s my sister, she’s not, uhm...she’s not a very affectionate person but lately she has been tickling me a lot. I prefer hugs but she just keeps attacking me in bizarre hours. She must’ve been bored. She’s home all the time anyway. Ya, okay whatever!!

Several days later, my Dad tries a new hobby - singing. He...errr... he can’t sing. He sang and sent a video of it to my aunt and my cousin only to receive head-shaking disapproval, but no stopping the man! He started singing IN THE HOUSE!!! Oh lord save my eardrums!! AGAIN, TORTURE!!! He also plays 80s tamil songs on Youtube and increases the volume to, I don't know, maybe 99 WHILE I WAS HAVING AN ONLINE CLASS!!!!! Arghhhhhhhh!

Well, as for me, I’ve been fairly productive. I didn’t know I had a hidden talent, procrastinating and then panicking when my lecturers give me tests online! I wish there were jobs for this talent because I'll do amazing!!!

You what's the worst part of this MCO? I miss my friends. Especially my best friend. I haven’t seen her for months and I actually cried. For real. Crying is not a weakness, Diary! Trust me.

Well quarantine has been crazy for everyone and I’ll forever be grateful that I have food, a roof above my head and family members to keep me entertained , and drive me crazy. The good kind of crazy! I really feel bad for the front liners and the homeless and the poor. But quarantine has made me have faith in humanity again! People helping each other! I’ve got no tears left to cry. But, there are still some people who only have one brain cell and do obnoxious things like putting themselves in trouble by defying the MCO. It's for all our good yo! So quit the whining and STAY HOME! Well, all we can do is focus on the positive side and be optimistic. We can do this! Yeah and I’m talking to a book! Ok I am going to go procrastinate more so see you in another few more years. Bye!

p.s. why do people hate to stay home? It’s literally the best thing ever!!!!!!!

p.p.s count how many times the word ‘well’ has been used? I KNOW RIGHTTT. I think I have a relationship with that word. #imgoingcrazy #borncrazy

p.p.p.s. I just realised this is a book

xoxoxo Lavanyaa

Behold, our fabulous writer!

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