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Sang Kancil, the buffalo and the crocodile

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Graphics by Johanna Anuar

One hot, sunny day, a buffalo decided to wallow in the muddy river nearby. Suddenly, the buffalo heard a voice crying for help. It sounded like someone was in a lot of pain. It was a crocodile! The poor crocodile was pinned underneath a huge branch. Although he was afraid of the crocodile, the buffalo went nearer.

“Oh Buffalo, please help me! Take pity on me!” begged the Crocodile.

“Hmm…but I am afraid to help you. Once you are released, I am afraid you will in turn eat me!” replied the Buffalo.

“You have are so courageous and you have a sturdy body and strong horns. Only you could lift a branch this big and heavy,” praised the Crocodile as he tried to convince the Buffalo to help him.

The Buffalo felt proud to hear such praises and agreed to help. He tried as hard as he could to carry the huge branch using his horns, and finally he succeeded.

“Wow! I am truly strong and courageous!” the Buffalo said proudly.

However, in a flash, the crocodile sank his teeth into the buffalo’s leg.

“Ouch! Oh dear, is this how you repay me for saving your life?” asked the poor buffalo.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Opportunity knocks only once,” he said happily, thinking of the great meal he would make out of the buffalo.

“Oh please let me go! I saved your life, surely that must account for something,” the Buffalo pleaded with the Crocodile again.

At that moment, Sang Kancil, the wise mousedeer was passing by and noticed the commotion.

“What is happening here?” he asked.

“I saved this Crocodile but this is how he repays me! By trying to eat me! Is this fair?” said poor Buffalo.

Sang Kancil thought for a while, then replied, “In order to judge this situation, I need to know what happened from the beginning.”

Buffalo quickly explained what had happened, but Sang Kancil could not believe that the buffalo was strong enough to lift such a big branch. Crocodile immediately released Buffalo’s leg. He wanted to prove the incident actually took place. Therefore, Buffalo placed the branch on top of Crocodile immediately.

“Now, Buffalo, move the branch and prove to Sang Kancil how strong you are!” he said.

“No Buffalo! Don’t do it! Leave this ungrateful Crocodile be!” Sang Kancil advised Buffalo.

Off went Sang Kancil and Buffalo, leaving poor Crocodile begging and pleading to be set free again. The wise Sang Kancil once again saved the day and taught the ungrateful Crocodile a lesson for being so greedy and selfish.

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