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This Magical Door of Mine by Cheryl

I opened the magical door and saw

A ballerina, dancing like a swan gliding in the


A land of Candy crusading through the galaxy.

The beauty of a red rose that filled one’s eyes

with tears.

I opened the magical door and tasted

The luscious fruit from the island of Pink Waters,

lost for millennials.

The sweetness of a minstrel, melting in my


The blood of a Basilisk from the Goblet filled

with Fire.

I opened the Magical door and heard

The screams of the tortured,

sent to the depths

of Tartarus.

The roar of a rhino, rampaging through Russia.

The sound of skulls, crushing under my feet,

like chips in one’s mouth.

I opened the magical door and felt

The love of a prince, chivalrous and kind.

The hands of the skeletons of mortals who

dared to cross paths with Polyphemus, the

destroyer of worlds.

The unleashed wrath of Hades, throwing itself

in all directions.

This door, this magical door of mine,

Sends me into worlds

Of horror, love and wine.

This door, this magical door of ours,

Sends us into worlds

Where we get lost for hours.

This magical door of mine.

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Created by Cherita Space 

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